Grace Eakins Painting


Acme Electronics Warehouse

Type: Year 2 Studio
Date: Fall 2019
Collaborators: Theo Bulzan

        This project began with a site feasability study for a recently purchased parcel of property (Phase 1). The client asked for the maximum development potential on the site, which we determined by abiding by the City of Vaughan Zoning Bylaw (location of site).
        Phase 2 introduced a tenant: Acme Electronics, which we then created preliminary construction drawings for.
        The project concluded with Phase 3: a final drawing package with floors plans and construction details. Three types of curtain wall - glazed, precast concrete panel, and insulated metal stud- were required in addition to a reinforced concrete caisson foundation. Warehouse and two-storey office floor plans were designed with the needs and requirements of the business in mind.


Curtain wall model of this building

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3